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When a man hears about ED problem he prefers not to discuss this theme or simply jokes about men with this problem. In fact every man has a great fear of becoming a victim of this disease and the depth of his heart hopes that this will never happen with him. But if a man has already faced ED problem he tries to hide it even from his partner.
ed is not a matterAnyway one should understand that ED is an existing problem and it should be fixed. There are various types of treatment most popular and safest of which is medical therapy. Generic Cialis and other oral ED drugs can assist a man in coping with problems in bed. Such medicines work to improve the blood flow to the penile organ and promote erections sufficient enough for sexual intercourse.
The treatment may seem to be hard and uncomfortable but it is not true. The medicines are usually taken on the as needed basis just before planned sex activity. Generic Cialis can have its effect up to 36 hours so a man can use it only once in two days.recommend
Other things an ED sufferer should understand that impotence is a condition, an indicator of other disorders that might present in the body. So it is absolutely necessary to visit a doctor to determine the reason of ED. Healthy living and proper dieting, stress avoidance should become an integral part of your program to manage impotence.
Sexual life makes a life of a person pleasurable and happy, so why should you give up? Do not let ED spoil your life, seek help.

Cialis and whisky risks

alcoholWith respect to all Cialis excellence, this medicine has one shortcoming – it should not be taken with whisky or any other alcohol.

Men who suffer from ED and want to make love with Cialis should remember that Tadalafil (the main component in Cialis) and whisky are incompatible things.

Those who combine alcohol and Cialis risk experiencing many unpleasant side effects and even worsening of impotence. Keep it in mind when you use Cialis medicine for your sexual activity improvement. Alcohol, especially hard liquor in great amounts affect the abilities of a man resulting in dizziness, nausea, stomach upset, uncontrolled movements and general ill-feeling. Say NO to alcohol while using Cialis. These both substances are blood-thinners, meaning that they increase the chance of dizziness, fainting, heart problems and other dangerous health conditions. Quit drinking alcohol when using Cialis, think only about pleasures of long-lasting erections!

Cialis and grapefruit juice

As with the use of alcohol, consuming of both Cialis and grapefruit juice or grapefruit is not recommended. The juice of grapefruit interacts with Cialis and can result in unsafe health effects. Drinking grapefruit juice can also reduce the action and effect of Cialis in your body.grapefruit

First of all, the use of grapefruit or its juice should be discussed with a doctor. Secondly, if you have no possibility to talk to your doctor about using grapefruit, try not to consume it with Cialis. Use the medicine and grapefruit separately from each other. The use of this juice can make the appearance of side effects more probable.
You may choose other juice or beverage with Cialis, for instance orange or lemon juice will not affect the medicine.

Cialis general recommendations

Keep your regular appointments with your urologist or sexual therapist for your doctor can monitor and control your condition.

If you feel Cialis dose is too potent or too weak for you, first discuss it with your doctor and only after your doctor confirms the dose change, do the change.

Do not take more tablets than it was recommended for you. Talk to your doctor if you use other tablets for erectile dysfunction or other health conditions.

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